Monday, December 26, 2005

december 19,20

Quote from my grandmother's sister (she left this as a message on her machine): "If it weren't for you, I might just run away." Awww :)

Gotta love how people try to explain what heaven will be like. "What will heaven look like?" ... Why don't they just say, "Well, no one really knows, but here's what we THINK.." What if it's not so much "Heaven is [insert ideal condition here]" but more like constant being with God? Cuz if we're living the lives the way we should be, sticking with God, and listening to him, that's the best way to live, and well Heaven would just be a continuation of that. Was it CS Lewis that said something about Hell being God basically saying to those that turned their backs on Him, "You can have your wish now.

I got my grades for first semester too! Here they are...
Fund. of Speech: A-
Bib. Lit: A
Contemporary Questions: A
Principles of Bio: A
Bio Lab: A
Gospel Choir: A (especially considering I didn't show up at all after Thanksgiving)
First Year Sem.: A

I was talking to my dad today, and was asking about any interesting things I said as a kid. I used to call my Mom-Mom, "Hey you", and when I went to DisneyWorld when I was 4, I called Pluto (Mickey's dog, in case you don't know) "Pu-du" (pronounced also like "poo-doo". Lovely. I think I want to watch old home videos while I'm home...

You are my purpose - You are the reason that I live
I want to be like You - Help me to love and to forgive
God let me not me distracted - Lord help me focus on You
Keep sin from ruling my life, Lord - Make me holy and pure
Father You pick me up - I feel like a child in Your arms
I don't deserve this love but, I hear Your voice Lord Jesus

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