Friday, December 30, 2005

more philosophy

I think it was Socrates or Plato that decided the following: If we know we know nothing, then we are especially wise.

What if that could be applied to Christianity? I was thinking on this on my way back from shopping today. When we come to God, we say that we can't do anything without Him and that we know nothing about what we're doing. Only God knows what all will happen to us. So once we realize that we don't know anything, and turn to God, we've done the best thing possible.

Why do I come up with all this stuff after I am done my philosophy class? Possible answer: My brain hasn't just gorged on information from about 4 different classes.

Later edit: So, I was sitting and listening to Lifehouse's song "Everything." I think it has echoes of Kierkegaard (hey, that sounded almost poetic!). "How can I stand here and not be moved by you?"

I've been realizing that I need to change some things for second semester. I need to quit being so selfish about what I do (even as I wish that other people weren't so selfish). I need to carve out "Jesus time" in my schedule. I need to use the library more often, where I won't get interrupted as much when I read (or get distracted!). I need to rely on God SO MUCH MORE than I am. Since I've been home on break, I think I've been thinking, "Oh yay finally Me-time." Not God-time. But time for me to chill out and sleep and do whatever.

I was thinking about what I would give up for Lent this year. Typically I don't give up anything (I usually think about it halfway through). Too bad I can't give up schoolwork. That'd be a good excuse though. Ha ha. But I was thinking maybe, just maybe, I'd give up music. Now, I couldn't isolate myself completely, because, well, there's chapel. I would probably give up non-worship, voluntary listening of music. Like listening to iTunes or Yahoo Launchcast (which I've been doing a lot of lately). I'd have to put something in my alarm clock to wake me up, so I'd probably use a worship CD or something. Any thoughts, folks?

"I've been running so fast
Away from love, away from our past
When I fall into you
You take what is old and make it new" (By the Tree)

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Rebekah said...

is that the actually quote that either Sacrotes or Plato said or did u reword it?