Monday, December 26, 2005

"they have to prove to everyone that theirs is better" (Superchick)

Well, I went back down to my high school again today (Dec. 22)--this time at lunchtime. I don't know what Erin W. says when she goes there, and how she manages to visit at lunchtime.

Anyway, today I would like to quote Jocelyn in my blog:

Teachers! Where are you? Children! where are you? Is no one taught compassion anymore? Are you all so blinded by your own pain? Does no one reach out in the schools!?

When I first went into the lunchroom, I happened to see a friend of mine, we'll call her C. She was sitting at a table ALL BY HERSELF. Now, keep in mind that our lunch tables are sorta two segments together, each holding 6 people. There was not a single soul at the table with her. I said hi to her, and sadly, by the time I had come back from visiting someone else, she had already gone (I saw her walking down the hallway to maybe the library). I understand maybe she wants to just be left alone, and she does like reading, but it's still good to have someone to sit with. It's like a good kind of ego boost.

I know I did this for most of my high school life, but can't ANYONE give up half an hour of their day to make someone else's? I mean, you can see these other people on the weekends or whatever, but these people probably don't have anyone they can really call a close friend.

Who cares what other people think? Apparently teens are sending mixed messages. Take this quote from my senior year yearbook. "It doesn't matter what people look like on the outside and it's not important to me." "I don't really care what people think about me." Hmm. I'm not going to say anything about these girls personally cuz I don't know them. But clearly, anywhere you go, you will make a snap judgement on someone typically based on their appearance, whether it's their clothes, their skin color, their weight. I think if you asked these same girls (or anyone really) if someone was sitting by themselves, if they would sit with them, they might be hesitant to.

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