Saturday, February 18, 2006


Today my mom and I went into Boston....we went first to Harvard, where I remembered fond times with Erin and the Gaithersburg people from in the fall. We walked down to Mr. Bartley's Burgers, where we took a bunch of pictures. I bought some amazing pajama pants (Life is Good, with skiers on them) at the Harvard bookstore, and a birthday present for my brother (in June) at the Curious George bookstore...

(the burger sign we took pictures of)

Oh, and I almost left my Citizen's Bank ATM card at a bank up in Cambridge. Yeah.

Upstairs from that bookstore, there are some law offices (picture below). LOL (say the names out loud for the full effect: "Do we cheat 'em, and how?")

(the window)

We went back to Downtown Crossing, where we looked around in Filene's Basement, ate lunch, and walked around in a circle so I could show my mom the proximity to Park Street.

I'm realizing now how rather flexible I am....if that's the word. It doesn't bother me about some stuff (which I can't remember what examples I was going to use), and riding the T doesn't quite faze me.

Tonight I'm ushering for the play (yay I get to see it again for free), and tomorrow after church, Mom and I are going to Aunt Lori's for lunch and the afternoon. This morning we ate breakfast at the Egg and I with Kerri and her mom, which was fun.

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