Wednesday, February 08, 2006

brain stretched!

I just got back from being in the library for two and a half hours! What was I doing, you ask? TWO CALCULUS PROBLEMS! Nate and I were working on took us one hour to do the first one (15 mins were spent just trying to figure out what to do), and we're still not done the second one.

They involved a lot of "basic" but a lot of algebra, and if Nate hadn't been there helping me out--we doublechecked each other's work, contributed ideas, and talked a little too--it would've taken a lot longer and wouldn't have been as fun. Plus I got to discover the magazine section, which means I can read back issues of magazines and not have a subscription...BUT...I can't check them out of the library. Boo.

Yeah, tonight was a pretty good night. Sarah G. shared with me some of her quotes from her Sociology textbook that make you want to go, "duhhhh..."

~"when we say that something is the cause of something, we are saying that something makes something else happen....."
~definition: TIME ORDER: A cause must occur before its effect
~"the taller kids are older and older kids read better!"
~"Law of Liking: Participation in common activities (exchanges) causes people to like one another"
~"we cannot choose what is unavailable..."
~"choices are guided by our preferences and tastes"(... i learned this when i was 2)
~"Because within any given culture and even among people very similarly socialized, there remains an immense amount of latitude for individual choices, even for those whose behavior remains within the norms."

Goodnight all!

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