Wednesday, February 08, 2006

people and holiness

Somehow I've turned into a sort of tutor for Physical Science for a bunch of the girls in my class. Which basically means to me, I have to keep ahead of the game/material, and not slack off (despite desperately wanting to) so that then I can teach them. I guess it's good preparation for eventual teaching?

Our chapel speaker, Dr. Tom Oord, was really good. He talked about the idea of "Christian perfection" aka "holiness" aka [insert some other almost-Christianese word here]. I've been having trouble understanding the idea and what it means to me. I mean, I've thought that sanctification is giving your life to God and just following more after Him. Dr. Oord worded a misinterpretation of it like this: As a kid, you want to try to climb up the slide. You try it, you get a little ways, and then you slide back down. Maybe your shoes weren't quite right, maybe you didn't have a good enough grip. And then you start again from the beginning.

But he described it as being on an adventure. You set out, and each step you go in the right direction gives you a bunch more choices. It's not like Chutes and Ladders (my illustration) where one "mis-step" takes you back. You're just still in the same place, but maybe not where you should be.

Now, as for what this means for me...I want to follow after God, and do what he wants, but I'm not sure exactly what God has in store for me. I definitely need to work more on having some sort of quiet time with God, since I'm somewhat slacking in that area.

Joel: "And then Becky ran into the road...."
Becky: "No, I ran into Pudge!"

If any of you are curious, Queen Anne's County, as of the 2000 Census, had 40,563 residents, and Centreville, the town where my high school was/is, has 1,970 residents. I graduated in a class of about 225, according to my senior sweatshirt.

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