Saturday, February 18, 2006


Talking to Suzanne while she was behind Spange: "How can we find you if you're hiding?" (erm, isn't that the point?)

Me: "If you ever need ribbon, I have a bunch."
Rachel: (no response, then...) "Did I respond to you? Cuz I did in my head"

Magon: "Marie, that's a really nasty looking something something on your spoon."
"We could change our name to Eastern Mormon College"...Matt: "5 rings by spring or your money back!"

<-- Google backwards!

Goings-on of Thursday:
~went to Severson's lecture on cities of refuge and "the church as asylum"
~saw The Blue Light and other stories....GO SEE IT! IT's AMAZING!!!
~talked to Ann who went to Belize with me...I miss them so much....hopefully I'll see her next week and we'll go find people (ahem) during open dorms bwahaha.
~playing cards in Spange...and Sam and I doing tricks that no one else knew:

Shawn: "I'm going to go find someone else Nazarene and get them to explain it to me"

Shawn: "I have no idea what I just said, i'm so tired, stuff just came out of my mouth"
Sam: "Like spit?"

Awww....I was reading an article online about Romanian orphanages, and they had a picture of this little girl peeking from behind a chair. She was so adorable...
Yeah. Just thought I'd share with was an interesting article too.

Oh wow had some interesting adventures tonight....I rode the T into South Station, only to find out my mom was almost back at North Quincy, which I then went to...We got a ride from the hotel shuttle (driven by a Brazilian!), and went to the hotel for a little bit, then I caught the shuttle again back to the T, and went back to ENC.

I also got to talk to Olivia, part while I was in CVS, and part once I got back. It was good to talk to her. :)

Oh! my mom brought me lots of goodies...I'm most excited about a bunch of black ballpoint pens, my Joe Holt CD, laundry quarters, and my "portfolios" of sorts (my compilation of stories/papers I've written since I was a kid up to pre-graduating).

A whole bunch of us hung out in Spange tonight, and it was a lot of fun...

Cameron: "So, Jess, how bout that quiz today? It really ATE MY LUNCH!"

"Let's get mugged together!" (the idea of going on a TWIRP/MOP date to the T station)

Ben: "Who has my hat?"
Josh: "Jocelyn doesn't have it!"

Erin: "It looks like one of those...what are they called?....Ritz sandwiches"

Erin: "Jocelyn, you're the reason I get up in the morning"
Joe: "Is she that loud?"

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