Thursday, March 02, 2006

Does anybody hear her?

I'm pretty much posting this just so I can have this picture uploaded to the internet....

Tonight I went to Andrew(s)'s room during open dorms, and a bunch of us watched The Fifth Element. I wasn't able to finish it because Ann got done her class, so I hung out with her.

We made a "coded" message for Sarah to read, and then waited for her in 3rd Gardner by the elevator. However, she didn't actually read the note, so we decided we were going to read about thinking critically and I was teaching her words in Spanish sort of. Then we interrupted her at work, and talked to her some.

Once she left, then Jeff and I walked down to Dunkin Donuts, and then came back. I was going to go to Refiner's Fire, but then managed to forget. Bleh.

Something I've been noticing about Casting Crowns's music is that they have a theme of reaching out to the "lost and lonely people". Like, what are we doing ignoring them, or not meeting their emotional needs? I want to do that while I'm home, is to reach out to people that are overlooked by society. I want to be used by God to show Christ's love to others, and just listen to people's "stories." Everyone's got a story, about who they are, where they're from, and why they're where they are today. If we would just be better listeners (but also better "talkers"...I'll get to that soon), and showed we cared about them, there could be a difference.

As far as talking goes, and this is something I've sort of learned through our (till we have) Faces group: we need to get past small talk and get to what really matters in life, or to a person. If we can know what drives a person, if we can understand what makes them tick, if we can truly love and care for them (especially non-romantically): this is what we can talk about. Small talk doesn't let you get to know someone in a substantial way....sure, it helps, but not after a while.

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