Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Copley Square

Copley Square is my new favorite place in Boston. I had to go to the Boston Public Library to find research for my Western Heritage paper.

First off, when I stepped onto the street level, everything was HUGE. To my left, I could see the bottom of the John Hancock Building. And kinda off to my right, I could just barely see the Prudential Building.

(Hancock Building)

The BPL is huge. I walked around it outside later, and it took me just about 5 minutes to go all the way around the building. It was really confusing in there, trying to find where the information was. It was really cool to walk around, because you could almost play hide and seek for forever in there, as well as just meander around and up and down and outside.

I should've taken my laptop with me to the library, but I'm not too sure about having it on the T.

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