Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter weekend

Yay! Tomorrow is my last day of classes before break! But, then I have homework to do. Boooooo...
~Western Heritage term paper (Having just written two other papers this week, I think I can manage another one. Maybe)
~Physical Science homework due Tuesday
~reading the below book for Western Heritage

But...good things are happening this weekend:
~Thursday night: South Weymouth's Easter musical
~Friday night: dinner at Aunt Lori's
~Saturday: Marathon Expo with Mark, Ann, Sarah, and maybe Jeff
~Sunday morning: church at South Weymouth
~Sunday afternoon: dinner at Jeff and Dorothy's with Dorothy's family and also Jocelyn
~Monday: watching the Marathon, either in Boston or Natick (at Sarah's brother's place)

I crack myself up....This is the second sentence of my Physical Science paper about the Hubble telescope. (PS Isn't Hubble a funny word to say?) "It has proved to be an advantageous tool to astronomers and a purveyor of fantastic-looking images to amateurs." Why do I use such big words?

I got to talk to my lovely Meghan tonight...she's pretty amazing and I can't wait for her to come to ENC next fall! "Take each day as it comes..." she says.

quote from Under a Cruel Star (p45):
"Some people came back silent, and some talked incessantly as though talking about a thing would make it vanish. Actually, just the opposite is true: once things and thoughts are expressed and described they acquire a new reality, as though by giving them words we give them part of ourselves. After that, they will not allow us to leave them behind."

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