Saturday, April 01, 2006

friday night in Boston...

Tonight Nate, Josh, and I went into Boston. We headed to the Science Museum by way of the Charles/MGH T-stop, which meant we got to walk alongside the water for 15 or so minutes till we got to the museum. I took a nifty city picture--you can see all the cars and also buildings too. We walked through all the exhibits, and it was pretty fun.

(city picture)

~The exhibit hall on the "Big Dig" was closed, but you could see stuff still in there. Almost like they started dismantling it but then left it alone. Hm. So it almost fit.

~Dinosaurs went extinct because they got bricked into buildings.

~I finally ate at Mr. Bartley's Burgers...We had to run from the T stop to get there before it closed.

~We played with the convoluted mirrors. That was fun.

(my feet are on the left)

~I made a shadow crow go after an owl.

~I made a sign that said (in pictures): "The motorcycle is going toward the musical kayakers, who will soon be punched from the other side."

~We made sculptures I guess you could say, out of ball-chain things. Josh's was amazing.

(I was putting my nose up to one of those lightning things, but with the camera, you can't see the lightning. Oh well)

~They had a three story Van de Graaff generator. Wow.

~Watch out for those T-rex's. They can really mess you up.

~There was a plastic lawn flamingo in with the mounted wild birds. Um, okay.

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