Wednesday, December 13, 2006

quizzing at home

Tonight was my first Wednesday night at home, and since I was able to go to my home church, I decided to go to quizzing. It was nice to enjoy our way of doing things, but at the same time, I was thinking of the differences between my home church's way and Wolly's way.

First, there's the time difference and the number of quizzers. We started at just past 7 and finished just before 8. Wolly has 12 quizzers, a number of ENCers, and Prof. We have Mr. Lucien, sometimes Mr. Norman, and Jen/Adam/Lauren J, Chelsea H, and my brother. It's a family thing. Haha. :)

The room and the way we sit reflects our team dynamics, I think. At Wolly, we are all in a circle, and that shows how the quiz teams are a community. A lot of different people talk throughout the time we are circled up. At home, Mr. Lucien will sit in the front, and we'll be in a sort of line next to each other, sort of like a classroom. He'll talk and we'll listen, maybe ask questions or add comments.

This week we went over chapter 18, and basically Mr. Lucien went through the material and explained why some things were signficant in terms of Paul's ministry and his later epistles, the geography of the area covered (and their modern-day names), and what some of the terms meant (like tentmaker). It was interesting that he also talked about the scattering of the Christians as time went on--because of persecution, so that they wouldn't stay clustered. He mentioned how Jesus had had them go on short jaunts on their own, as practice for later. Then they just ended up staying in the room all by themselves even after his promise in 1:8. We talked about how times of events were referred to in terms of reigns of rulers ("while Gallio was proconsul of Achaia").

With Wolly, for the whole group at least, there is more of a devotional approach/emphasis to it. We don't really get the historical context and interesting little details, because that would take a lot of time out of the competition practicing. I suppose individuals could do the research, but I think they're more focused on memorizing it.

I am, however, redwording my portion. It makes me chuckle how "Red" is a red word. :)

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