Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a walk down memory lane

The past day or so, I've been looking at old pictures. I dug out an old diary thing from when I was about 8, and it's this American Girl guided journal thing. There's a map of the US, and it has you put hearts where you want to visit, and stars where you've been.

Here's what my 8 or 9 year old mind was like:
I had already been to Massachusetts (fall 95), Florida (age 4), and Minnesota. But I had hearts placed on New York (visited at age 11), Florida (visited at age 13 and 15), the Four Corners, Virginia (been there a few times), Hawaii (too bad I can't go in J-term), and Colorado (went in '05). The random funny ones that I have no idea why I put them there are Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, and Missouri (but I will be going there in May for YIM haha). The IRONIC ones are that I wanted to go to Illinois (funny...visted Olivet at age 17, and will probably go out there again soon) and Mexico. How funny is THAT?!? Wow.

We finally found the photo of Adam and I at ENC when I was 8, standing with two A Cappella members. Sure enough, Dorothy from South Weymouth is in that picture. Hahaha.

"Some of the best things about growing up are..." "having nice teachers in school and doing multiplication". I was/am such a dork.

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that's pretty awesome about you gonig all the places you want. we still need to have a road trip across the country :)