Sunday, April 13, 2008

I sing for joy at the work of Your hands

Right now I am sitting in my room and I can hear a bird singing outside. Perhaps spring IS finally reaching the Boston area.

I was in Maryland Friday and Saturday for my district missions convention, and the weather was AMAZING! Sunny, upwards of 70 degrees, not much rain...and the grass was green and the trees were blossoming. It was also great to see friends from all places, whether they were teens that I've known from camp, people from my old church that I haven't seen in a good number of years, my own family, or missionaries that happen to know other people that I know.

I went to share some about my trip this summer to Ukraine, and that (at that time) I still needed to raise $2200. Bob (our missions president) gave me the chance to set up a display with photos/stories from last summer, as well as information about my trip this year and a place for people to leave contributions if they so desired.

Once I got back to ENC and started adding the checks along with what has already come in over the website, I saw that the balance was at $2,445, leaving me with only $1,355 to go! (That's not even counting the money from our YIM bake sale that I haven't deposited yet.) God is still providing! (Of course :). ) Next weekend I am going to Worcester, MA to share about last summer and also this summer, and the pastor at Denton, MD has asked me to come visit in May during their monthly missions luncheon. Man. It's like I'm on deputation/home assignment or something. :P

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