Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring brings hope...

Inspired by the soon arrival of spring here in Ukraine...

(c) 2010 by me.

Cloudy, sunless skies
Short days
Long nights
Bitter air, frigid winds
Cold noses and toes
Slippery walks
Cars buried in snow
Trudging along by foot
Icicles falling from rooftops
Gray, brown, dreary shades

Where is the hope?
Must I suffer day after day?
Miserable cold
Held captive indoors
What promises remain?
Seeking, seeking, seeking
To little avail
How long will this last?

Sunny mornings
Melting ice
Glimpses of the sidewalk
Appearances of green
Warmer days
Pink and white tulips
More daylight
Dripping, draining puddles
Cheerful moods
Warm weather is coming

Here comes hope
Waiting unseen for months
When all seemed lost
Could this really be possible?
Freedom to explore
Bask in the sunlight
Winter seems so long ago
Beauty emerges from ice and dirt
Appearing slowly like a crocus

Hope arrives
Bringing freedom, beauty, new life
Promises come true
Rescue of what once was lost
Restoration of what was distorted
Redemption of the broken
Creating distance between what once was
And what will be no more
A new day is dawning
Promises are kept
Of faithfulness and peace--
The greatest assurance is love.

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