Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lord of the Beans

Here are some quotes from the Veggie Tales video "Lord of the Beans." I got it last fall, and found these quotes I had written down while watching it.

"I am NEVER late. I arrive precisely when I attend to." ~Randalf

"...stretched like chocolate pudding scraped across too much ham!" ~Billboy

"Small kitchen appliances??!?!?! Small kitchen appliances!"

"If you can read this, you're too close." ~Toto
"Other side." ~Randolf

"Use wisely." (the bean)
"Every gift is given for a reason."
"I don't think I can do it on my own."

(about the other elf) "He's pretty good in the kitchen."

"And for this, I'm missing taco night?" ~Grumpy the dwarf

"No, he was blown off in a windstorm." ~Randolf

"It's a highly efficient language. You can fit a whole book on a napkin."

"We can't choose what we get, only what we do with it."

"I'm a lucky fellow, I'm a lucky boy, I've got a new umbrella, and it's me pride and joy"

"Green one go away! Go kiss a spork!"

"Much wind pours from your mouth...I leave now to do laundry"

"Watch out for their pointy ends!"

"Something smell good"

"We ain't have nothin but maggoty bread for three days. Of course I'd like a cookie"

"Nothing tastes better than a cookie baked in a tree!"

Spork: "Cookie man say no!"
Scaryman: "Oh, bother!"

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