Tuesday, May 23, 2006


What a week. I got to go to Impact this past weekend, and that was great. It was great to see everyone again, even if it was one of the last times. I now have a video of the "House on Fire" skit on my computer, which is pretty exciting. :)

This week I'm babysitting just about every day. I didn't get the job at Camp Wright, so basically my work is going to happen here and there. I applied to work at summer school in the KCPS, but that's in July, so I have about a month to spend doing random stuff. Cassi told me there are new places in the Outlets that are hiring, so I'm going to try to work there. The bad thing is that it's half an hour away and will use up all my precious gasoline. I miss the T. :)

More quotes:
~"Further up and further in!" (The Last Battle)
~Erin H, about the volume of the music: "We can't hear each other think!"
~"In the end Eustace and Jill begged so hard that Tirian said they could come with him and take their chance--or, as he much more sensibly called it, 'the adventure that Aslan would send them.' " (The Last Battle)

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