Thursday, October 19, 2006

role model

It seems to me that if you are thrust (or just merely placed) in a leadership role, you are very much expected to work a lot harder to improve your skills, in order to be a role model. My two situations are quizzing and my Teaching Composition class (also working at CAS).

With quizzing, I am continually needing to be a spiritual role model, which means that I need to continue growing closer to God. And reading my Bible and praying and stuff. Not that that is always happening, but it should.

As far as Teaching Composition and working at CAS, I feel like my writing skills have improved this semester--maybe it's because I'm writing more papers or something. In order to actually be able to help others, I have to adhere to a higher standard.

Basically, I'm just feeling really challenged right now, to keep growing spiritually and academically. Last night I was being really philosophical and pensive and wanted to write stuff that I had thought about the Lauren Winner thing, but I decided it was much better (and required less work and time to write) to discuss it with people.

Vermont tonight!

*edit a few days later*
This is a quote I found in a teaching writing book, of all places. It totally fits.

"The developmental importance of ecological transitions derives from the fact that they almost invariably involve a change in role, that is in the expectations for behavior associated with particular positions in society. Roles have a magiclike power to alter how a person is treated, how she acts, what she does, and thereby even what she thinks and feels." (Bronfenbrenner)

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