Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Escapades of the Day

Today I wanted to run a bunch of errands that culminated in a summer job interview. Here's how my day went:

Stop 1: David's Bridal in Glen Burnie
Purpose: Determine my dress size for Jen's wedding.
Mission accomplished, after deciding Google's directions could have been a *little* better.

Then, I successfully navigated Glen Burnie to find an alternate route toward Annapolis! I was quite proud of myself.

Stop 2: bank and Kohl's
Purpose: Buy sunglasses and other stuff.
Found sunglasses, a nice sweater (that I'm NOT wearing this summer, don't worry), and some headbands (free!)

Stop 3: Library
Purpose: Kill time
Mission accomplished. My dad used to take my brother and I here all the time when we spent weekends with him -- we looked at the books for sale, played on the computers (there were enough for both of us to be online at the same time), and of course got books. I hadn't been there in years (at least 4), so it brought back lots of memories.
I was hoping to find some of the books on my reading list, but wasn't very successful--I plan on reserving a bunch of them so I can read them later.
However, I did manage to find some Pimsleur Russian Language audio disks, plus some Eastern Europe travel guides. :)

Stop 4: Barnes and Noble
Purpose: Buy a couple books and a planner for this summer/next year, and kill time
Killing time worked well especially since Google's directions were vague about which direction to go on route 2 -- I think I got into Edgewater, and I knew when I went over the South River bridge that I'd gone the wrong way. Oops. I guess I don't know Anne Arundel County as well as I think.
Books I wanted to buy: Paperdoll by Natalie Lloyd, and What's Math Got to Do With It? by Jo Boaler.
Books BN didn't have: Paperdoll (not even in any of the nearby BN's, how disappointing!) and What's Math Got to Do With It?

Stop 5: Job interview!
I now have a summer job, babysitting a 9 year old girl for about 5 weeks out of the summer. It's right around the corner from my dad's, and though I would like to ride my bike there occasionally, I don't really want to deal with traffic on the main road. Hopefully my bike can fit in my trunk, and Grace's too, because then we can ride bikes (maybe on the B&A trail?).
I'm hoping to find something else to do for the weeks that she'll be at camp, and that I'll be available. Actually, those weeks should probably be spent preparing for teaching in Ukraine--figuring out what supplies I'll need and preparing some lesson ideas.

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Natalie said...

I never see Paperdoll at bigger chains. I try to tell myself Paperdoll is a niche publiation, an little pink underdog, er ... whatever :) I've seen it at a couple of Christian book stores here but none of the biggies. Poop!